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imvu 394.0 now available!

Hey everyone,

I know it's been a long time coming, but release 394.0 is now available. We spent a good time working on bug fixing and tracking down some of the more frustrating bugs that have been annoying both our users and ourselves! Here's a link to the new release (or you can just restart the client and the download should be offered) as well as the release notes:

Release notes:

- Fixed the MSVCR71.DLL failure when updating the client.
- Fixed bug where animations would not play if you alternating between invoking them from the avatar menu and typing trigger words.
- Fixed bug where mousewheel can't zoom view when text chat field has focus.
- Fixed chat log so that it contains avatar names.
- Fixed bug where users in the 'client inventory panel' experiment would not see the inventory or "things to do" panels.
- Fixed bug where, in a public room, sometimes you could have the boot menu when you shouldn't, and vice versa.
- Fixed bug where links from website to client don't work on Vista
- Fixed a bug where a user would be booted from group chat if someone else left and then invited you to chat
- Fixed bug where avatars would show up as ghosts. Note that this is only fixed for people running this new version - i.e. once installed _you_ will no longer become a ghost, but you may see other people (running earlier versions,IMVU Credits) as ghosts.
- Fixed a crash for some Arabic language users
- Fixed a crash that could happen when downloading products
- Fixed bug where using the dress-up pass to try on a product wouldn't always work.
- Fixed a bug where, if you invited another user to a one-on-one chat, you might end up in different rooms.
- Fixed a security problem with the *boot command
- Fixed several bugs that caused a white screen when opening the 3D window under certain circumstances. Added logging in other cases where the white screen may still be triggered
- Potentially fixed the 'chat lag' that some people have been seeing.
- Added automatic reporting of blue screens that occur while IMVU is running.
- Improved information sent to IMVU in bug reports
- When attempting to try on a room (which will not work,IMVU Credits), show a message
- Updates to translation framework
- Added new VIP coop actions Comfort Hug and Cradle Kiss

Thanks again for all your patience!


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